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 Structure of the Legion

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PostSubject: Structure of the Legion   Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:18 pm

Sargeas is at the top of the food chain in his Legions. Next would be the four Generals, who each have their own horde of beings relevant to them.

Controls every member of every Legion unconditionally.

-Zildjian (former)
Has control over the Legion of Magecraft. All the demons under him specialize in magecraft, Kido, and general Magicks. Before his self-imposed exile, he had 4 Lieutenants under him.

Controls the Legion of Chaos, primarily makes use of creatures such as Youma and Hollows to do their bidding. Has 2 Lieutenants under them, which is one Arrancar and one Awakened Being (Youma).

Has control over the Legion of the Sword. Abilities of this General and those under them center around physical, weapon-based combat. Has only one Lieutenant, who is always taught to kill the General in charge of them to eventually take their position in the Legion.

This General has much more structure in their Legion than the others, placing much more responsibility on his Lieutenants, who are already in the human world and have been for some time..
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Structure of the Legion
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