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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Fri May 29, 2015 10:35 pm

The Rules
1.Metagaming is prohibited. So is Powergaming.
-Metagaming: The act of somehow knowing information without actual logical reason for the character to know it.
Example: Joe hearing top secret information from a secret organization continents away.

2. No flaming on the forums or in game. Take it to other social means other than the forums and the servers.
-Flaming:Instigating an arguement.

3.No Pornography on the forums or in game except if it's in roleplay, which it is then only allowed.
-Pornography: You know.

4.Extensive histories are not required, however it could give administrators better understanding of your character and make it easier to get approved. You must however, explain how you got all the powers or special abilities you may have. Also, powers may -not- be overpowered, and the stronger the powers are, the more limits are put on the character that possesses them.

5.A total of two admin's approval is required to get your biography approved and moved to the Approved section. Same rules apply with an Admin's Biography.

6.In Text-RP's, the character that is more powerful skill-wise will most likely always win in a fight (depending on how much detail is given in a fight, or if those fighting choose to make themselves lose) and skills in Text-RP are more powerful than on the server.

7.No purposeful trolling.
-Trolling:To try to make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.

8.No advertising for another community regarding RPG and Jedi Academy on the servers or forums.

9.No excessive arguement.

10. We are a democracy. An admin must state reasons for his or her edits, or deletion. Also, the editing or deletion must be within consent of the original poster. Exceptions apply if the post does not meet the regulations of these rules. Admin abusing will be dealt with and his or her power will be revoked.
-Democracy:Control of an organization or group by the majority of its members

11.WIP's are discouraged but they can be done for biographies. However, please include in your topic title saying that it is WIP and change it when you're done so admins do not have to waste 15 seconds of their lives looking at a WIP.
-WIP: Work in Progress

12.Other members should -not- post on a biography of another member unless you are allowed to under the consent of the poster. In other communities usually snarky or retarded comments are made that is offensive not only to the poster but many others promoting a flame-war. Otherwise, only admins and moderators are allowed to speak with the biography poster back and forth although it is recommended it is done via xfire or skype or any social communication programs.

13. If you want an Anime added to the Whitelist, speak to an Admin and a discussion will be held.

14.No using animes that are blacklisted: DBZ, Death Note, Evangelion, ETC.
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General Rules
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