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 In Game Duel Rules

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PostSubject: In Game Duel Rules   Fri May 29, 2015 10:35 pm

Kill 1 - Slight Injury
First chance to run away.
Example: Punch in the face.

Kill 2 - Bigger Injury
Last chance to run away.

Example: Kick in the balls. Ouch.

Kill 3 - Depending on the killer's choice, it could be cuts, bruises, a knockout, a capture, or you have a choice of continuing at your own risk. Cannot run away.
Example: Self Explanatory.

Kill 4 - Cut off limb or continue.

Example: Self Explanatory.

Kill 5 - Permanent Character Kill or a cut off limb with an additional option to spare the defeated.

Also, if you are captured or knocked out, you will have no choice but to accept death later on depending on the situation. As for the chances to run away, you cannot just say you ran away and just go to spectator mode. You must run away to some sort of place where it is legit and logical for you to escape, such as a ship on a map, as you roleplay you escaping your opponent.
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In Game Duel Rules
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