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 Roleplaying Color Text Guide

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Color Text Guide   Fri May 29, 2015 10:39 pm

Whether in game or on forums, these colors should be used for its intended purpose to progress RP thoroughly in a fluid manner where confusion can be avoided.

Green - To talk normally

Red - To talk with anger or the act of yelling with emphasism.

Black - To talk with a monotone voice or to signify a darker presence speaking.

White - Thoughts of a character.

Blue - NPC(Non Playable Character) talking. Can also be used to communicate via other means such as a phone.

Pink - Form of communication through a larger device that can be heard widely, or could be used as a whisper.

Yellow - A way to express an action, ex. He picked up the silver gun that was on the floor, dropped by his former comrade who had just fallen in combat.

Cyan - Communicating through other means that would involve seeking through one's mind.

*Any of these colors can be substituted if you're NPC'ing a bunch of NPC's. Just make sure you clear it up so it is not confusing.
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Roleplaying Color Text Guide
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