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 Character Biography Template

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PostSubject: Character Biography Template   Fri May 29, 2015 10:52 pm






Date of Birth: {Optional}[The month, day, and year your character was born. Doesn't have to be based on our modern day character]

Place of Birth: [Where your character was born]

Current Residence: [Where your character currently lives]

Resides With: [Does your character still live with his family or with roommates, then put it here. If s/he lives by him/herself, just put 'alone']

Zodiac Sign: {Optional}


Nationality: {Optional}[Basically what origin your character is. This may not be needed if your character does not come from Earth.]

Sexual Orientation: [What are your character's preferences. Examples ae heterosexual, asexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, transgender, intersexual, etc.]

Appearance: [picture can be posted here, but some people can't tell what people are by looks. Sometimes they need a description broken down, like the following]:



Skin Tone:

Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Body Type:

Blood Type:

__________________________________________________ __________________________


First Impression:

Distinguishing Marks: {Optional}[Refers to any unique marks your characters have. Whether if they have piercings, tattoos, scars, some sort of mutation/distortion - describe them here.]

Religion/Spiritual Views: [What is your character's faith if s/he has one.]

Political Affiliation: [What spot your character stands for in regard to politics.]

Style: [What your character's general taste in attire is. If s/he likes to wear a specific color, wear a favorite fabric, or wears a lot of accessories, put them down here]


Casual - [What your character generally wears if s/he's not expecting or doing any combat.]

Disguise -[Whenever your character is in hiding or is in pursuit of someone and tries to avoid
being recognized, describe what s/he wears in this case.]

Apparatus A -[The main outfit that your character wears during voyaging and combat.]

Apparatus B -{Optional}[Does your character have an alternative main outfit, describe it

Special Talents/Abilites:



Weaknesses: [Every character has a soft spot or something that can give them the lower hand in battle. It can range from emotional/mental issues to ailments to attacks that s/he's more vulnerable to than others.]

Vitality :

Speed :

Stamina :

Reflexes :

Fighting Style :

Weapons :

Magic :

Other Skills :

Favorite Food: [If your character has a stomach, s/he should have something that s/he finds more delectable than other things. Put it here ~]

Least Favorite Food: [Not everything in this world is tasty. Put what your character dislikes the taste of more than anything.]

Bad Habits: [This could be anything you character has a problem with. Does s/he swear a lot, is s/he a frequent smoker, an alcoholic, or harshly blunt with people? Anything that may give your character a bad vibe, list them here.]


Past Occupations: [If your character has had a previous class or has been employed somehow in the past, list them here.]

Activities/Organizations: {Optional}[Did your character take part in any organizations or is currently in one? List them here and describe what his/her role was in the group.]

Speech: [How does your character sound when he/she talks. Does he/she have a high or low toned voice, would you think he/she was a child just by listening to how he/she talks, does he/she have an accent? Describe your character's vocals here.]

Quote: [Something memorable or often said by your character.]

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Relationship Status: [Single/In a Relationship/Married/Divorced/Widowed/Engaged]

Relationship History: [Give a brief history on what your character's views on relationships are and the past ones s/he's been in (doesn't have to be about every person s/he's been with).]

Family: [A list of your character's important relatives go here. Give a small to medium description about their general lives and their closeness to your character.]

Personal Adversaries: [Enemies that your characters have come to hate in their lifetime. List them here with a small bio, briefly describing their life and how they have become your character's nemesis.]

Close Companions: [Close friends that your character has made in his/her lifetime. Not the kind that s/he had met just 5 minutes ago. List them here with a small bio, briefly describing their life and how they have became companions with your character.]

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Themes : {Optional}[List any songs here that suit your character's personality best.]

__________________________________________________ __________________________
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Character Biography Template
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