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 Souma 'Wayne' Haru

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PostSubject: Souma 'Wayne' Haru   Sat May 30, 2015 7:27 pm

Name: Souma Haru (Originally Kale Wayne)

Title/Alias: None

Alignment: Choatic Good

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 20 Years ago (March First)

Place of Birth: Alabama America

Current Residence: Fuyuki Japan

Resides With: Alone

Zodiac Sign: I dont even Zodiac Sign's

Race: Human

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Exact Characteristics

Weight: 220

Height: 6'6

Skin Tone: White

Eye Color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Body Type: Heavy, muscular build.

Blood Type: Type A

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Personality: He is relaxed and easy going, and never takes anything seriously, always keeping an easy going, calm mind. Though despite that, he lives a strict, moral life, according to the word of god, and does his best not to stray. Though his constant easy going attitude can make him appear half-assed at times, he will always put his all into his work. He will only take something if he thinks he has earned it.

First Impression: Upon first meeting and talking to him, he would appear like a relaxed, not much to say introvert. Though if he has a topic he likes to talk about or a person he enjoys talking to, he might not stop talking until next week.

Distinguishing Marks: None

Religion/Spiritual Views: Believer in the one true God.

Political Affiliation: Dislikes.

Style: He likes loose clothing in general, and trench coats. He will always be barefoot unless forced to. Bright colors, specifically Electric Green.


Casual - Jym Shorts, Large Electric green shirt, barefoot.

Disguise - Random, casual attire with shoes instead of barefoot.

Apparatus A - Whatever weapon choice he made before hand, along with a pair of metal arm guards with extreme protection, for blocking hits. Nothing additional besides that.

Apparatus B -  None

Special Talents/Abilites: Natural master of the proper way of breathing and walking. Exceptional Combat sense.

Strengths: A strong conviction and faith in God. In the odds that others would fall, if he belives it is his duty to stand and fight, he will die standing and fighting, and taking all of the enemy with him. In addition, he is very good at sniping, though it has been a long while since he had his hands on a rifle.

Weaknesses: Knowing when to flee. One of the most important things for a person to know, when to back down. Not something he knows well when he gets worked up. After all, if it is Gods will that he should survive, then nothing would stand against him and survive, and praise be to the Lord.

Vitality : For a Human, his vitality is very good.

Speed : For his size, he is suprisingly fast, in no small part from his innate mastery.

Stamina : Exceptional. He could be reasonably compared with World Championship boxers in this respect.

Reflexes : Good, but not trained in actual combat, so while his base instincts are good, they do not have real combat experince, and are lacking.

Fighting Style : The Five Rings

Weapons : x20 Caltraps, Hand Forged steel Glaive, with a mace on the opposite end for balance, x2 Hand forged steel double headed throwing axes, Hand forged steel short sword and bastard sword, two broad, short parrying daggers. He has various other weapons, but these are what he mainly uses.

Magic : Natural Master of Breathing and Walking

Other Skills : A near master level blacksmith. Knows Japanese, English, and Russian.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Least Favorite Food: Anything with Mushrooms.

Bad Habits: His easy going nature, and bad jokes.

Job/Occupation: Blacksmith, Construction Work

Past Occupations: None

Activities/Organizations: None

Speech: He has a Baritone voice.

Quote: I earn what I want, and if i cant earn it, then God has decided i don't need it. And i am okay with that.

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Relationship Status: Single.

Relationship History: None

Family: His original family is not too close to him. They visit once a year for a month at Christmas, but thats it. As for his adopted family, most of them live in town, so he see's them on a weekly basis.

Personal Adversaries: None

Close Companions: The Haru Household

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Themes :

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Souma originally came from America, living there with his Father and Mother. His Father was a retired Marine sniper, and his mother a potter, making and selling pottery for a living, while his Father worked on guns and computers, as well as blacksmithing. As he grew up, when he was four, he would often help his father at the forge by turning the bellows to heat the coals, learning quickly by his father telling him how often to turn, quite adept at the task even at such a young age.

Both his parents were religious, and as he grew up he was as well, believing in God the Father. Though this did not affect him much in his early life, later on it would make quite the effect indeed. As a kid, he always enjoyed shooting his bow and BB gun, throwing axes, spears, playing with wooden swords. There were very few times where he would do 'peaceful' things, and he notably took after his fathers military humor. Something that got him into trouble once or twice in school. As he grew up, his family travled a lot, his mother going to many places to sell pottery, and he always managed to find other kids to fight with. Though unlike them, he did not tire easily, and there was a flow to his movements that one only saw from a natural. A kind of grace of movement in his walking, breathing and posture that one would expect from a veteran monk or martial artist, yet it was something he seemed to have naturally. Another interesting fact was that, unlike many people, his parents believed in magic. His mother was sensitive to the feelings of others, though not to a telepathy level, and was able to spot and deal with sicknesses very well, though his father didnt openly show any signs of such. Souma however seemed to get a good deal of that from his mother, in his actions and the like.

His mother and father could tell however, as well as himself, that he had a good deal of gift in the area, as he seemed to exude a certain level of power, though his control over it was more or less nil, and he has not received any proper training with it.

Over the years, his mothers business started to go down hill, mostly due to the economic situation, and his father needed a better job. Souma was home schooled, and during high school, they moved to Japan, his father taking a deal to be a security tech advisory for a car company. However, during this time, a certain event happened. His Mother and Father died in a car accident, and he was left to fend for himself.

On the outskirts of Fuyuki, he ran into an old lady. She talked to him, listening to his situation, only a day after what all had happened. She herself was rather badly off, and had close to nothing to spare. It was then that an old happening in the bible came to mind, as well as something he had seen while he walked around. Souma asked the kind, grandmotherly lady for four days of food, and promised that in seven days he would come back and repay it all, and more. The kind old lady, seeing the fiery look in his eyes, and his voice, laughed happily. Seeing such a sight in someone so young was heart warming, those eyes that seemed to say nothing would stop him now. So she did, giving him the food he asked for. And in a week and a day, he came back, with double the price of everything he had taken.

After that, he lived with that old woman in her house. Her family who was taking care of her was wary at first, but after getting to know him and what all he did, they got along well. The house was in Japanese style, on the outskirts of the city, in the country, and over a few months, he built up a place in the backyard to blacksmith. He would often work, the other kids in the family watching in amazement as he made red hot steel and iron bend at his leisure.

Half a year after meeting her, the old lady passed away, and she had left him a gift. The rest of her family lived in the city, and she owned the house, so in her will, she gave the house to him.  Their family had been in a tight spot, and he arrived to help, something he considerd a wonderful act of God. There was also another additional item in her will. That Souma Wayne would be adopted into the Haru family, and he accepted, his name changing to Souma 'Wayne' Haru.

To this day, he still lives in that house, taking care of his work, making weapons and swords in his spare time while working.
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Souma 'Wayne' Haru
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